Sunday, October 21, 2012

From War To Peace With The Jeep

From the wartime era for which it was designed to the post-war peace economy that it helped to build, the jeep has literally done it all. And nowhere else is it better illustrated than in the pages of Popular Mechanics. Today we continue to roll out pages and articles from the 1940’s pages of PM magazine. The first two articles date from 1943 and show off the many diverse ways in which the jeep was deployed from an aide to the Army Rangers (who were around as early as the American Revolution!) to an aide on the farm. One of the middle articles shows off a famous press photo of the early CJ-1, a modified MB at work on the CESOR farm. It details the new and increasing mechanical advantages and machinery that helped farmers drive the new economy of the post-war. Either way, jeeps led the way! (Thank you to the official slogan of the U.S. Army Rangers, “Rangers Lead The Way!” Also check out the other article in the Misc. section on a mobile jeep crane! I think that it has the longest reach of any crane that I’ve seen on a jeep thus far!
I’ve a ton more articles and ads that come from the pages of Popular Mechanics andPopular Science magazines that are collected and archived in the pages of Google Magazines. In the coming weeks I’ll be fleshing out the 1940’s and further decades.The 2012 calendar page for September needs to be rolled out as well and soon new tee shirt and holiday hanger ornament designs will be shown off as well as a 2013 calendar and lots more in the Zazzle store for TOJ! Stay tuned, there’s ALOT more to come here at!

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