Sunday, October 7, 2012

Popular Mechanics/ Science Articles Through The 70’s And 80’s

Four more great articles from the pages of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines today. From 1971 Pop Mech readers responded to a request on the durability and satisfaction that they had gotten from over 400,000 miles on their venerable CJ-5 Universals. Its an interesting read because as the jeep was still proving to be the undisputed king of the off-road and work worlds, it showed that tastes were changing as far as what the general public expected in an all around vehicle. The typical complaints were there, the noisiness of an uninsulated cabin, general rattles, an under-performing heater and defroster and no surprise that the CJ wasn’t a great highway vehicle, but that it was still a jeep and as such had a great reputation and the ability to back it up. The small blurb about a 2A or 3A mixing cement showed that that even 25 or 30 years later people were using the jeep as it was meant to be used as an all-around work horse and still coming up with unique ideas for it to perform. The 1985 PM article shows the winding down of the CJ line. Unfortunately the brief historical article isn’t complete in the Google archives. And lastly as the torch was passed to the YJ, Pop Sci brought a short one page article on the ‘new’ jeep. Now it seems that YJ’s are pretty rarely seen and are practically classics in their own right.
Check out these and many more magazine articles here and come back next week for lots more. I’ve found another treasure trove online and I’ll try to chronologically present the gems from the Pop Sci and Pop Mech magazines on the jeep starting in the 40’s.
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