Sunday, December 30, 2012

Website Finds, The John Jennison MB Conversion

Today I want to introduce a new section of How many websites have I and you and many other jeep fans Googled just in search of the random relatively unknown jeep photo? Now, I don’t mean the usual places like the CJ3B Page or G503,  and though while they are incredible sources of information, I mean the small little known sites that often contain random photos that you may never have before seen. Sometimes they are as simple as an photo of a GI standing by his MB on someones family genealogy site, but other times they are surprising and unique. I’ve stumbled across so many of them that I decided to create this new section dedicated to stuff that can be found online. None of this belongs to me and so of course I don’t own any of the rights to the photos. So please view and use these only as they are meant to be used, as entertainment or as the jumping off point for your own research. Please attribute the proper (original) sources for any of these if you re-publish them. I will also list the original urls to all of the photos. And of course, please don’t lift them for any commercial use. I’ve always considered anything that you can find online as fair game, but within fair boundaries and that doesn’t include straight reproduction. I think that when you post anything online that you should have a reasonable expectation that it won’t be abused.
That having been said, here you go! I’m grouping everything into folders according to the sites that they have come from if there are alot from one source. Random one shot grabs will be grouped into a miscellaneous folder eventually. The first grouping is of a number of photos of really great station wagon conversions of surplus MBs. The work was done by an Australian engineer by the name of John Jennison who had many passions, among them early racing cars, motorcycles, designing and created speed boats, these MBs and the first caravans (tow behind campers for we non-Aussies...) in Australia starting in the late 1930’s. The jeep photos can be found here and alot more info and photos on his tear drop caravans can be found here and here. The original site, vintagecaravans appears to be an Australian forum dedicated to the art of caravanning. The wagons were a great unexpected treat for me as I am really getting into conversions of MBs and early civilian CJs. The wagons looked like beautiful, stretched woodys that eventually evolved into an elegant rounded fender car.
Come back next week for lots more! If I can find the time though I may post more in the next day or two as well.

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  1. This is a nice historical achieves for the future generation to see where exactly the production ideas for modern Jeeps came from. Nice blog.