Sunday, August 11, 2013

The 2013 Calendar- August

The photo that holds the place of the August 2013 page in the calendar was undoubtedly taken in France as shown by the caption on the back, “Viva La France.” I have no idea where it was taken precisely, but I chose this photo as August marks the 69th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris next week. Way back on August 19th, Allied forces were rumored to be near and the uprising led by the French Resistance and irregular French forces began. Parisians were elated and were ecstatic in their displays of affection for the Allied forces led by the 2nd French Armored and the 4th U.S. Infantry Divisions. This M.P. certainly seemed happy to be sandwiched between these two women. Vive La France indeed!
I will hopefully get to the very last pages of the Willys Industrial Equipment Binder next week along with a short history of the winch. I was hoping it would be up today, but doing research on the winch and the jeep is harder than I thought it would be. Plus we have friends coming over soon, so time is just not available. This is the last time that I’ll announce something without having finished the majority of the work beforehand! Thanks for your patience and come back next week. Remember to check out the 2013 calendar here and soon, there will be new t-shirt and water bottle designs in the online store. I’ll announce them here when available. See you next week for more of the jeep!

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