Sunday, April 13, 2014

1965 Gladiator Pickup Brochure

Today we’re getting another look at brochures that I’ve found via the auto enthusiasts website, a “web magazine/blog” Lov2xlr8. There are literally years and years worth of vintage brochures and ads here. Today, we’re going to continue to plow through them with a short, but sweet look at the 1965 Jeep Gladiator pickup.
The Gladiator was a refreshing look at Willys long in the tooth, but still in production pickup truck. The Gladiator was a successful attempt by Kaiser to freshen up their offerings. Introduced in 1963 alongside the revolutionary Wagoneer, arguably the grandfather of modern SUVs, it was a tough and good looking pickup.  It was powered by the same offering as the Wagoneer, the also brand new 230 OHC Tornado. By 1965 it was offered with an optional V-8, the Vigilante 327 that gave it a horsepower bump and a big jump in torque.
The Glad was available as the J-200, a 120 inch wheelbase one ton pickup in a standard pickup and bed combo (the ‘Townside’) and many variations such as a step side ‘Thriftside,’ a stripped down chassis only, stakeside and flatbed options. It was also offered as the J-300, a 126 inch wheelbase with the possibility of a dually rear.
Any way you ordered it was and continues to be a great looking truck. I had the distinct honor of test driving a ’69 a few years back with the Dauntless V-8 350 and it was a beast! This brochure is a beaut as well and one that was sent out to a German speaking audience. And in case you were wondering... the tagline “Gladiator ist Ansehnlich und Ausdauernd!” translates to “good looking and rugged!” Yep!
Come back next week when I plan on continuing the look into the Lov2xlr8 brochures. In the meanwhile if you like the look of these trucks check out my latest t-shirt designs now for sale in our online store.

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