Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Agrijeep Around Town And The Farm

Continuing today we have four more press photos showing off the new civilian model CJ2, otherwise known as the Agrijeep. Willys-Overland had high hopes for the Agrijeep and wanted it to be seen in as wide a variety of uses as possible. Here, the CJ2 was seen operating a post hole digger and buzz saw with its power take off as well as an air compressor and paint sprayer.

In addition to work around the farm and in the fields, the new civilian model was billed as a light duty hauler and haul it did, from the family to church on Sundays and dad to the fishing hole it had come a long way from moving GIs around the battlefield. In the above photo, the Agrijeep is seen taking livestock to and from the railway station. The placard at the station indicates that it was taken in New Hudson, Michigan, the site of Cesor Farms where some of the testing was taking place. Cesor farms was the farm owned by Charlie E. Sorenson, president of Willys-Overland from 1944-50 where a test of the “peacetime” jeep was arranged for the public and press in July 1945.

A ribbon/ guest pass from the presentation in New Hudson, July 1945. From Daron Wanberg’s site,

You can view the full sized photos by clicking here to be taken to the full album.

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