Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Reader Submitted Family Photo

Reader Mark Struhsacker sent me this old family photo which I believe looks like it could be an old slide. The boy sitting behind the wheel in the CJ2-A is certainly enjoying his ride as many people did with the chance to sit behind the wheel of a jeep. Helped by the aluminum cab to make the winter day a more enjoyable one, Mark remembers, it was a...

“'47 CJ2A, after a paint job. Franconia, NH around 1958. The aluminum roof had suicide doors, & attached with 6 trunk-type latches. A design. Never seen another roof like it.”

Not sure if I’ve ever heard of a design with suicide doors either and so it does make it unusual! Thanks again to Mark for the great wintertime photo!

You can view it in it’s separate album here.

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