Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Early Ads For The Jeep In Business

In the quest for the world’s heart after the Second World War, the jeep not only had to win over returning GI’s and the day to day populace, but the business world as well. These three ads date from 1946 as the drive to sell the jeep was in full swing. The post-war American market was booming and businesses were making the conversion from a wartime economy to a peacetime one.

These three ads and four more to follow on Sunday are perfect examples of the work put into marketing the jeep. They show the Agrijeep CJ-2 from some of the familiar press photos that were posted last week to an MB and a CJ2-A in diverse businesses from hauling to being a mobile mechanic’s helper.

You can click here to view them in the complete album.

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