Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Ten

As a special New Year’s Day bonus, we present 1969, the end of the tumultuous 1960’s in four ads. The 1960’s wrought all sorts of changes socially, historically and not to mention, how we viewed ourselves. While change was just around the corner for Kaiser Jeep Corporation as American Motors was about to buy it out in the coming new decade, nothing truly ground shaking seemed to be on the horizon in the lineup.

Jeep had soldiered on throughout the 1960’s and was about to emerge at the end of it a stronger and more diverse vehicle. These four ads display not only the ongoing reliability and toughness that the jeep portrayed, but also the fact that every vehicle, even the jeep was being relied upon more as a vehicle of all jobs, hence the “2-Car Cars” moniker. These four, the CJ, the Wagoneer, the Gladiator and Commando were becoming seen as more and more a plaything as well as a dependable family and work vehicle, and they were still one “tough cookie.”

You can click here to be taken to the complete album.

Enjoy your New Year’s and I hope that it is a happy and prosperous one for every one!

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