Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ready For Family Or Business Willys Wagon Brochure

Today we have another brochure in the ongoing series of brochures and literature that I salvaged from a Texas estate. The man who owned this seems to have collected and saved Jeep brochures from the Corpus Christi area from 1945 to 1976. If he was window shopping for thirty years I really hope that he made the plunge and bought one over the years. On a side note the address for Roy Box Motors yields nothing more than an empty grown over lot in Google Maps nowadays, unfortunately. It would exciting to see it still a dealership of some sort. In the 1950’s, Willys really made all their efforts on appealing to as wide an audience of potential auto buyers as possible and this brochure is a perfect example of that sales ethic. “Ready for family or business” the wagon was sold in this brochure to both the small and large business owner and as an alternative for family transportation. Though much of it is outdated, the ad execs did as well try to make their sales pitch to the female audience as well, advertising the relatively new keyed ignition switch as, “a feature appreciated by ladies particularly.” The selling points are pointed out for everyone, families, moms, weekenders, retired couples, traveling salesmen, farmers and carpenters and sportsmen, all while driving over “trails, cross country where other vehicles dare not go!” Click here to view the entire full-sized brochure! Come back next week when I’ll have the oldest brochure and the newest the following week!

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