Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 2012 Calendar- February

The 2012 Calendar page for February stars the unsung hero of the post-war, the civilian 2A. Able to perform thousands of tasks like its older brother, the MB, the little 2A as shown here equipped with many an implement such as the wrecker attachment that may have been supplied by the Canfield Tow Bar Company of Detroit, Michigan. In last years February page we had a different shot from the same series of photos that I picked up showing the plucky 2A towing a car with the Canfield logo clearly printed on the side.
This years page features the 2A unloading a crated package stenciled: THIS CASE CONTAINS OXG(?) COMPLETE CANFIELD FOLDING WRECKER and the hand lettered “Dodge Manual WD 20.” I’m not up to date on my Power Wagon History, but I believe that the WD-20 was a Dodge pickup model built from about 1939 through the post-war years based on the Power Wagon with the WC the 1/2 ton and the WD, the 1 ton model. I was curious if Canfield were still around and what I found next in my search was quite curious. It seems that Canfield entered a governmental contract some twenty years later in the summer of 1964 for a wrecker attachment for the Dodge W300 Power Wagon. I found this article through a random Google search on the U.S. Government Accountability Office in which Canfield had filed a complaint over the bids. What was most interesting is the mention of an amendment of the invitation for light wrecker equipment for Jeeps. I love it when history sorta starts fitting together. Originally incorporated in 1946 I cannot find any other further info for the Canfield Company. Anyone out there have further info? Contact me @ if you do! Come back next week and we’ll continue the series of brochures found from Texas and remember that you can still order the 2012 calendar here. It’s not too late to enjoy 17 all new photos of the classic jeep through the year and browse through many more of our jeep related tees, caps, mugs and much more!

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