Sunday, February 26, 2012

To The Beginning In 1945

So this is where it all began for the civilian jeep, the CJ2-A and where it may have begun for our mystery jeep owner/ lover in Texas. Picked up from a Myers Feed and Seed this very early brochure probably dates from early 1945 while the war was still raging and speaks to the farmers and agricultural producers of the day of the need and responsibility set to them to produce the post-war world’s food. With this responsibility came Willys-Overland’s perfectly placed “Peace” Jeep that was hailed as part tractor, part mobile power unit, part runabout and recreational vehicle. I can only assume that the one time owner who picked up this brochure was impressed enough to fall in love with the scrappy GI jeep come home to a new and prosperous world. The brochure is filled with numerous press photos of the prototype CJ-2 (airbrushed front grill and all) carrying out farming and work responsibilities, many on the CESOR farm owned by Willy’s president, Charles E. Sorensen, the soon to be famous magazine illustrations by James Sessions, Benton Clark and John Howard and much more. Click here to see the entire brochure! So this brochure ends the story of what I can surmise to be the ongoing love affair of one mystery man or woman who lived in Texas in the Corpus Christi area from roughly 1945 to 1975 with a business once known as Myer’s Feed And Seed nearby. If anyone can provide any further clues to this please let me know at I hope that you too have enjoyed this piece of history and that it broadens your appreciation of the rich history and legacy of the mighty jeep!

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