Friday, September 2, 2011

1959 Jeep Cavalcade Scrapbook

I came across this gem a few years back and its a treasure trove of information from newspaper clippings to souvenirs from the first inaugural Jeep Cavalcade to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. I had planned on finishing the scanning and work on this over this past week, but time has a way of vanishing with so many other projects that demanded my attention around the house while on vacation. Plus, the scrapbook is so big that it dwarfs my scanners flatbed and I will have to stitch together a couple of scans per page in Photoshop before it will be ready. Not to mention that many of the pages are composed of larger folded images and clippings and items that will need to be scanned individually. So please bear with me. Here are the first three pages. Not what I was hoping to get done by the end of the Labor Day weekend, but it will have to do for now. I will be eventually getting the rest of the scrapbook posted here as soon as I can. Here’s to hoping that you and your jeep enjoy this long weekend!

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