Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Press Photos

Lots and lots of projects are still in the works at While I’m working on them, I need to clean up a whole lot of miscellaneous things like these great press photos mainly dating from 1955 (with the exception of the 1977 Renegade). They were downloads found at various online sites and make great screensavers. Feel free to right click the thumbnails on my page to save them for yourself! Stay tuned for more from the Jeep Cavalcade scrapbook, a continuation of the LIFE magazine photo archive section, more old brochures (including one of the very first for the civilian jeep), ads and photos. Plus I’ll be releasing lots more t-shirt ideas in our Zazzle store, a new 2012 calendar full of never before seen photos. AND foreign ads and brochures and an international jeep family tree. The best is yet to come at! And remember you can be a part of it. You can always submit anything And please also remember that we can always use a donation for our server costs, no matter how large or small through our Paypal link below and thank you!

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