Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 2011 Calendar- September

The 2011 calendar page for September features the Willys pickup truck and their owners. From the truck being used as a circus vehicle to a small business owner to a proud looking older man standing beside his truck the Willys has never let us down. With the fall coming on we generally start to rely more and more upon our trucks and so this month we have photos of them proudly doing their thing. You can click here
to view the rest of the calendar pages or click on the thumbnails below to view them full sized.
This photo was from a series of photos that are as yet unidentified, but the business on the side of the truck reads “Shell Pipeline Corp, Springfield, MO.”
The Ringling Brothers truck states that it was employed in the sound department, possibly used along with a broadcast system to alert the town that the circus was in town. The reverse states “RB New Jeep 8-26-55.”
And finally, this older man is also unidentified, but the photo came from Washington State.

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