Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two AMC Ads

On this day, let us not forget the events that took place now a decade ago, but let’s also not be too bummed out by them. Rather than a war and conflict centered post today, let’s take a look at two light hearted civilian ads from the 70’s AMC, the ‘Super’ Jeep Renegade and the Levi’s Edition. The Renegade had been around since 1971, but by the following year the ads proclaim it the ‘Super’ Jeep. The Renegade package coated the CJ-5 in three colors: yellow, orange and plum and outfitted it with a rear seat, a fuel tank skid plate, a few more gauges, a Trac-Lok differential and the 304 V-8. In total it cost an additional $299! In 1975 one of the more unusual trim packages for the Renegade that was offered was the Levi’s edition. It outfitted the CJ with either tan or blue vinyl denim look seat covers complete with stitching and copper rivets to mimic the classic jean look. Also as a first was the availability of a factory installed AM radio option for $69. You were certainly styling in this fairly rare package. Check back next week when I’ll try to get more of the Jeep Cavalcade scrapbook up and new items in the Zazzle online store! Remember this day, but celebrate life today!

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