Sunday, September 9, 2012

Four LIFE Articles

We have a few miscellaneous things today that are the results of my fasciation with Google Books. Google Books is an online resource of tons of vintage books and magazines that Google has very generously provided free of charge to the researcher. I’ve been trying to see what I can find for a general search for the jeep and what I’ve found! Some of the stuff I’ve seen before, some I already have and some is new to me, but its voluminous and online to read. The only downside to it is the downloaded resolution of the scans is pretty low, usually only 72 dpi or so. I’ve downloaded and tweaked them as much as I can, but it can still be a bit of a bear to read on a computer screen. All of the stuff presented today is copyrighted, so you may want to think of it merely as a resource and database for future searches of your own. You can search for anything by date, magazine, title or by subject directly on Google Books. I’ve also included the links in the appropriate album as well.
There’s some interesting stuff, some miscellaneous early letters to the editor that questions the origin of the ‘jeep’ name, an article on the building of the Alaska Highway, the “Amerikansk Yeep” article that Dave at eWillys had found and provided a link to a few months back and the article written about the Half Safe, the modified GPA amphibious ‘seep’ that crossed the Atlantic. A book of the same name was later written about the couple’s voyage.
I’ll be presenting more of these finds from Google Books in the near future. In the meanwhile I’m working on the beginnings of a large project that I had planned on presenting today, but found out yesterday that it is much larger than I thought it was going to be, the Jeep world family tree! I’ll be writing some histories of the various incarnations of the jeep’s foreign cousins, including some ads, brochures, etc... But enjoy these articles today and find out what else you can find too!

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