Monday, September 3, 2012

The 2012 Calendar- September

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday and taking the time to relax with a well-deserved day off. Today we have the 2012 calendar page for the month of September. Being Labor Day and Labor Day being the usual signifier that not only is summer nearly over, but that school is almost here again, I thought it fitting to use this undated photo. It shows a group of children and teachers and young GIs or ROTC cadets, though the children are especially enchanted by a group of MBs parked outside their school. I mean who wouldn’t be excited getting to sit in a jeep at your high school? Check out the expressions of the students standing in the windows as well. Not sure of the occasion though. Maybe a war bonds drive or the successful results of one?
According to the photo studio stamp, it was printed in Bordentown, NJ at a Farnsworth Studio. Doing a quick Google search shows that the photo studio is long gone, but I came up with what looks suspiciously like the school here identified as William MacFarland High School in Bordentown.

The calendar which contains 17 never before seen photos from the varied and storied history of the jeep can still be purchased here. The photo can be viewed full sized here in the album of many more MB and GPW photos.
Happy Labor Day again and come back next week!

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