Sunday, September 16, 2012

Three New Ads From 1951 To 1978

More ads make an appearance today stretching from 1951 to 1978. In the better than a quarter of a century that spans in between their publication the world had changed quite a bit. Willys had changed hands to Kaiser and then AMC. The post-war boom was settling into a more self-conscious and conspicuous time for America. The station wagon was no longer being made but the truck had been transformed. From Better Homes And Gardens carrying the ad promoting the cost savings of the Willys wagon to the Field and Stream and Popular Science ads that still boasted of the money saving value under AMC and now also concentrating upon the toughness of the jeep. But the jeep was still going strong and loved throughout the world even through the gas shortages and tougher economy. The jeep at its heart had never changed, it was still a tough little go-getter that started it all. Click on any the thumbnails to view the ads or click here to go to the Old Jeep Ads section to view many, many more.
I’m still working on the Jeep World Family Tree plus a few more large projects that I’ll be unveiling throughout the rest of the year. Plus, I’ve found at least another 125 LIFE Magazine photos! They just keep popping up all over whenever I think that I’m done with them! Stay tuned!

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