Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Jeep Posse, February 1948 Popular Mechanics

On this long Labor Day weekend, I hope that everyone is both enjoying it and taking the time to appreciate the everyday efforts of our labor force in this country. Coming up on Labor Day, I thought it appropriate to roll out the February 1948 Popular Mechanics article on the Jeep Posse. The Jeep Posse was one of the first, if not the very first of its kind of an all volunteer jeep owner’s patrol that worked hand in hand with local law enforcement to provide fire fighting assistance and first responder help of all sorts to the city of Bountiful, Utah. As the article states at first they were just a group of guys who got together for trail rides and shooting the breeze, but soon they decided that they could do something for their community in their MBs and early CJ2-As. Being as mobile as they were (and many of the men were trained volunteer firemen...) they could be the first on the scene as an advance guard for fighting forest fires, being game wardens and a search and rescue party.
There still exist a number of ‘jeep posses’ today mainly across the southwest including the Bountiful City posse and they still proudly do what they did back in the day (though not necessarily still in jeeps, but they get a pass for that...) as a brotherhood. So on this Labor Day weekend we salute all the hard working men and women out there!
You can click here to read the article and others. Check in tomorrow for another Labor Day entry.

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