Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas Bonus

As a small after Christmas bonus, I have two interesting pieces of Jeep history supplied to me by two contributors. The first is of a jeep ferrying F.D.R. and I think maybe Truman wearing a white fedora behind the driver while on a troop review. We’re unsure of the location but goes to show you that the jeep was good enough for not only troops but commanders in chief as well. They made great open air ‘cars’ for Generals and Presidents alike. I’m sure that we’ve all seen Eisenhower, McArthur, Patton and Roosevelt in a jeep many a time. Thanks to J.R. Welsh for this little gem!

The second submission is from Dan of Oldstuffpaper on Ebay who kindly sent me a scan of the actual discharge papers given to a certain MP of whom I had bought a few photos and written about here.

Dan wrote:

“Hi Brendan, The photos of the jeeps and Army MPs were taken at Fort Lewis in Washington state during WW2. I got a couple photo albums that were really tore up and missing some pages. But I was able to figure out they were from Ft. Lewis. One album has a picture of Ft. Lewis (or I should say what was left of a picture) on the cover and there is one photo of a bridge with a sign for Tacoma on it. I have the soldiers Army Separation paper if you would like a copy of it I will need your email address. Thanks, Dan. P.S. He was from Benton Harbor, Michigan and separated at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois.”

Thanks again, Dan! It’s stuff like this that I love to find and place with many of the anonymous men and women who have held a spot in their hearts for the jeep and what they could do with them.

You can click here or here to be taken to their individual albums and if you have any further information about the MP, George H. Nelson (including which one of the MPs he is in the photos), please contact me at

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