Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Three

Part Three of the jeep in public service brings us into the opening of the 1960’s. The jeep line was trucking along strongly in the 1960’s. It was still being used by many companies such as Bell, Westinghouse, Shell and United Airlines in a wide variety of fields.

Also in 1961, Kaiser Jeep introduced the FJ-3 line of Fleetvans. These perhaps most unusual looking of the jeep line vehicles were essentially a dispatcher DJ with a van body and a beefed up F-head Hurricane. It was unfortunately really only a success with the postal department where it was widely used but soon discontinued with the 1965 model. You can read and view many more photos here on the CJ3-B Page.

But the full jeep line was still as the ad copy states, the fleet that you wanted for hauling, winching, delivering, pushing, pulling and powering on and off road in any weather! You can click here to view the full album.

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