Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Seven!

Part Seven of the Jeep in public service brings us up to 1965. The still relatively new Gladiator and Wagoneer were still going strong, but a big change came along in the form of the first V-8 available in a Jeep. The ‘Vigilante’ 327 V-8 from American Motors (which in itself unintentionally was an portent of things to come just five years down the road...) became available as an option in both the Wagoneer and the Gladiator pickup. For less than $200 you could step up from the standard 230 Tornado with 140 horses to the Vigilante with a rated 250!

The GM Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission was also available for the first time in both models. The CJ was less changed, but as an early announcement of the 1966 model, a late ad states that big news was coming down the pike with a new V-6 as an option to the venerable F-Head 4.

You can click here to view all of the ads in the full album.

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