Friday, December 31, 2010

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Eight

Today brings us up the year 1966. Kaiser was still in charge and still selling jeeps. This year the boys in advertising took a cue from the overall theme of the jeep line, that hearkens back to the past for a clue to the future and came up with these ads. These four ads resemble a line of advertising that Kaiser had used a decade earlier- three slender strips of photos that together were visually appealing and increased the amount of visual real estate as well as allowing three ‘separate’ titles that could be fit into just one 8 X 11” magazine ad.

It worked and still works today just as the jeep lineup still does. What the advertising execs saw that worked in the past still worked with just a quick dash of revamping and improvements. The same can also be said of the jeep!

Enjoy this last day of 2010 and look forward to three more installments in this series! You can click here to view all of the ads in their entirety in their album.

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