Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Six

Continuing today with ads from the magazine Public Works from 1963 and 1964 we see a couple of continuing trends in Kaiser’s marketing of their jeep lineup. One of the biggest trend was pushing their two new vehicles, the Wagoneer and the Gladiator pickup truck.

The ads seen here focus on the unique styling and abilities of the Gladiator. It was the first pickup that could be easily equipped with an automatic transmission and compared to the clunky looking illustrations of the competition, it did seem sleek and modern. Nowadays the Gladiator and the Wagoneer’s distinct front grill have what is considered a classic look. Besides its utility and ease of use, the Wagoneer was also as a whole touted for its safety for the modern family in the well known “Stop Running Scared!” ad.

The jeep line was continuing to evolve on a yearly basis under Kaiser’s parentage, but one thing was certain, the jeep was still King of the Hill! Long Live The King! You can view the entire album here.

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