Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Jeep In Public Service, Part Four

As the year 1962 drew around, the jeep lineup still consisted of the venerable old pickup and panel wagons, the CJ line and the Forward Control models. The fleet was about to be improved and expanded with the late 1962 announcement of the all new ‘history makers,’ the Gladiator J-200 and 300 as well as the Wagoneer. Both the Gladiator known for its new and classic styling and the Wagoneer, the first of its kind in the new SUV market. Both also sported as standard the all new ‘Tornado’ 230 with its overhead camshaft, the first in a jeep with a much welcomed 140 horses. It was offered as an option in the older trucks and wagons which heretofore had only the F-head or flathead 6 as power plant choices.

Also in this group of ads are the announcement that the jeep fleet was chosen for inclusion into the new John Wayne movie, ‘Hatari.’ It was not the first time that a jeep had appeared in a movie, but it certainly has hung on as one of the best known.

You can check out the full group of jeep ads in public works magazines here.

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