Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas With Terry And The Pirates And The Jeep!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all from! In honor of the Christmas holiday today we have a postcard sent by the Quaker Oats Company to Todd Channing of Goshen, Indiana informing him of their receipt of his entry into the “Sparkies Jingle Contest” in March of 1946. The card depicts both a kid’s and adult’s favorite comic strip of the time, “Terry and the Pirates.”

“Terry And The Pirates” was originally created by the famed cartoonist Milton Caniff in 1934 who he kept up writing and illustrating the strip until 1946 when it was handed over to another cartoonist who kept it going until 1973! “TATP” dealt with Terry, a boy who grew up through the comic strip and had a variety of colorful friends and adventures primarily in the Pacific theater of pre and post-WW2 and involving the Axis power of Japan and our ally, China.

The original comic strip spawned a generation of kid’s and adult’s imaginations and expanded into a television and movie serial as well as a radio program, from which the jingle contest the card mentions may have come from, as the Quaker Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice "shot from guns" commercials were spawned during the radio program run.

You can click here to view the front and back of the card in its gallery.

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